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Model Item Sub Parts No.Parts DescriptionQty
M0400001A455582-1HANDLE COVER1
M0400001B456032-9HANDLE COVER1
M04002650239-1SWITCH FA1-6/1B1
M04004424585-6DUST COVER1
M04006692006-8POWER SUPPLY CORD 1.0-2-2.01
M0400007-1A682583-8CORD GUARD1
M0400007-2A682583-8CORD GUARD1
M0400007-2B682583-8CORD GUARD1
M04008266841-6TAPPING SCREW 4X182
M04009687123-7STRAIN RELIEF1
M040010266841-6TAPPING SCREW 4X184
M040011850P25-8M0400 NAME PLATE1
M040012265104-7PAN HEAD SCREW M5X403
M0400013A644500-6HOLDER CAP 7X112
M0400013-1A643750-0BRUSH HOLDER CAP 7-112
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