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Model Item Sub Parts No.Parts DescriptionQty
1805N001E_662372-7POWER SUPPLY CORD 1.25-3-5.01
1805N1.00E+01692434-7POWER SUPPLY CORD 1.0-3-5.01
1805N2682507-4CORD GUARD 12-2001
1805N002-1682540-6CORD GUARD 9.3-901
1805N002-2682505-8CORD GUARD 10-901
1805N003-1687034-6STRAIN RELIEF1
1805N003-2687000-3STRAIN RELIEF1
1805N004-3911133-5PAN HEAD SCREW M4X182
1805N5181137-3HANDLE SET1
1805N5D10INC. 67
1805N006-2651030-0SWITCH HPAHR2-2S1
1805N7911101-8PAN HEAD SCREW M4X62
1805N8911158-9PAN HEAD SCREW M4X303
1805N10911213-7PAN HEAD SCREW M5X128
1805N11271249-1KNOB 641
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