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Model Item Sub Parts No.Parts DescriptionQty
1911B019-2159336-5MAIN FRAME1
1911B019-2C10816381-0SCALE LABEL1
1911B21231004-3COMPRESSION SPRING 181
1911B22421147-1RUBBER PACKING1
1911B23312951-8FRONT BASE1
1911B24911231-5PAN HEAD SCREW M5X206
1911B024-1911226-8PAN HEAD SCREW M5X186
1911B25312952-6REAR BASE1
1911B26411428-1BAFFLE PLATE1
1911B027-1263014-2RUBBER PIN 41
1911B28211031-6BALL BEARING 608LLB1
1911B29263002-9RUBBER PIN 41
1911B030D_522419-8FIELD ASS'Y 230V-250V1
1911B030D_C10654038-3INSULATED TERMINAL FT1.25-M42
1911B030D1594489-7FIELD ASS'Y 240V1
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