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Model Item Sub Parts No.Parts DescriptionQty
1805N044D_C20654502-4CONNECTOR P-22
1805N045-1911295-9PAN HEAD SCREW M5X702
1805N46211066-7BALL BEARING 6200LLB1
1805N47213051-6DUST SEAL 101
1805N048D_513146-8ARMATURE ASS'Y 240V1
1805N048D_D10INC. 46-51
1805N49241013-4FAN 801
1805N50213102-5DUST SEAL 121
1805N51211106-1BALL BEARING 6201LLB1
1805N051-1211144-3BALL BEARING 6201LLB1
1805N051-2211106-1BALL BEARING 6201LLB1
1805N52263005-3RUBBER PIN 61
1805N53222006-0V-PULLEY 6-301
1805N54911121-2PAN HEAD SCREW M4X144
1805N054-1911116-5PAN HEAD SCREW M4X124
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