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Model Item Sub Parts No.Parts DescriptionQty
1911B030D1C10654038-3INSULATED TERMINAL FT1.25-M42
1911B030D1C11654037-5INSULATED TERM. FT1.25-M32
1911B030D1C12654037-5INSULATED TERM. FT1.25-M32
1911B031-1911290-9PAN HEAD SCREW M5X652
1911B031-2911295-9PAN HEAD SCREW M5X702
1911B032-1681613-2INSULATION WASHER1
1911B033D1516084-3ARMATURE ASS'Y 240V1
1911B033D1D10INC. 28,32,34,35,36
1911B034-1241519-2FAN 681
1911B35213051-6DUST SEAL 101
1911B36211066-7BALL BEARING 6200LLB1
1911B037-1D10INC. 29,49
1911B38911158-9PAN HEAD SCREW M4X306
1911B39222050-7V-PULLEY 4-24L1
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