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Model Item Sub Parts No.Parts DescriptionQty
1805N018-1643650-4BRUSH HOLDER CAP 6.5-13.52
1805N019-2181044-0CARBON BRUSH CB-1531
1805N020-1156523-7MAIN FRAME1
1805N020-2150893-6MAIN FRAME COMPLETE1
1805N020-2C10643653-8BRUSH HOLDER 6.5-13.52
1805N020-2C20913206-0SET SCREW M5X82
1805N020-2C30816336-5SCALE LABEL1
1805N020-2D10INC. 43,61
1805N21911206-4PAN HEAD SCREW M5X102
1805N22284040-8REAR COVER1
1805N23911166-0PAN HEAD SCREW M4X401
1805N24312886-3CHIP COVER1
1805N25911206-4PAN HEAD SCREW M5X102
1805N26285004-5BEARING COVER 381
1805N027-1912117-6COUNTERSUNK HEAD SCREW M4X1210
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