DHS900PT2/ Z 235 mm (9-1/4")

18Vx2 Cordless Circular Saw


  • Cordless Mobility Allows for Smooth Operation without Worrying about Cord Handling even in Cutting Long Material
  • Compatible with guide rail without adapter, providing precision cutting
  • BL motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the BL motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life
  • Twin LED lights with preglow and afterglow functions for better illumination and more accurate work
  • Magnesium components create lightweight saws that are well-balanced and jobsite tough
  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) is engineered for improved dust and water resistance for operation in harsh conditions



Model NameDHS900PT2/ Z
Product Name18Vx2 Cordless Circular Saw
Blade Diameter235 mm (9 - 1/4")
Max Cutting Capacity90: 85mm (3-3/8")
45°: 61 mm (2-3/8")
60°: 44 mm (1-3/4")
Hole Diameter15.88 / 25 / 25.4 / 30 mm (5/8" / 1" / 1" / 1-3/16")
No Load Speed (RPM)4500
Dimensions (L x W x H)413 x 196 x 316 mm (16-1/4"x7-3/4"x12-1/2")
Net Weight5.3 - 6.0 kg (11.7 - 13.2 lbs.)

Standard Equipment
TCT Saw Blade (E-01959), Sub Base, Hex Wrench

Available Options
PT2: 1x Two Port Multi Fast Charger, 2x 5.0Ah Battery
Z: Without Charger, Battery & Carrying Case

*Items of standard equipment and specifications may vary by country or area. Net weight and dimensions may differ depending on the type of battery(ies) used. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Continuous Usage Time/ Work Amount: Actual performance may vary based on application.