DFJ211M/ L/ XL

18V / 12Vmax Cordless Fan Jacket


  • Equipped with Two Flat Fan Units with BL Motor for Increased Comfort
  • The ear section of hood is covered with mesh for collecting sounds around working area
  • Electric power source can be removed from jacket for machine washing
  • 100% polyester - Good moisture vapor permeability and good water repellency




Model NameDFJ211M/ L/ XL
TypePolyester (for General Work) - Superior moisture permeability and water repellent
Air Flow SettingsTurbo | High | Medium | Low
Air FlowTurbo: 2.2 m³/min | High: 2.1 m³/min | Med: 1.7 m³/min | Low: 1.5 m³/min
Product Name18V / 12Vmax Cordless Fan Jacket
SizeM | L | XL
Net Weight0.41 kg (0.9 lbs.)
Continuous Use (hours)Low: 29 | Medium: 21 | High: 12 with BL1850B

Available Option
Without Charger & Battery

Items of standard equipment and specifications may vary by country or area. Net weight and dimensions may differ depending on the type of battery(ies) used. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Continuous Usage Time/ Work Amount: Actual performance may vary based on application.