Product Detail


Power Converter


  • Power converter powered by Makita portable power pack
  • Turns DC power into AC power, is optimal for a wide range of applications
  • Battery charging or use of corded tools in outdoor job sites where AC outlet is not available
  • Emergency power source
  • Outdoor leisure activities
  • Multiple outputs including: 2 AC outlets, 2 Type-A USB output ports, 2 Type-C USB output ports, 1 (one) DC12V cigar socket
  • 7-stage output indication by 7 LED lamps
  • The 7th LED lamp, which indicates 1,400 W, starts blinking when:
    ∙ AC power output alone reaches 1,450 W(VA)
    ∙ Total power output reaches 1,500 W(VA)



Model NameBAC01
Product NamePower Converter
Energy Capacity1,206 Wh with PDC1200
Continuous Rating Input1,400 W Inverter capacity
1,400 W with PDC1200
750 W with PDC01
Max Output2,800 W
AC Output Voltage230 V
Dimensions (L x W x H)395 x 345 x 163 mm
(15-1/2 x 13-5/8 x 6-3/8")
Net Weight7.3 - 16.2 kg (16.1 - 35.7 lbs.)