Product Detail

HS012GZ 165 mm (6-1/2")

40Vmax Cordless Circular Saw


  • Auto-start Wireless System (AWS) connects to compatible vacuum cleaners via Bluetooth
  • Magnesium diecast base, Magnesium diecast safety cover, Magnesium diecast blade case
  • Metal guide for cutting line
  • BL motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the BL motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life
  • Anti-restart function engineered to minimize motor start up when battery is inserted with switch locked on
  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) is engineered for improved dust and water resistance for operation in harsh conditions
  • Battery protection circuit protects against overloading, over-discharging and over-heating



Model NameHS012GZ
Product Name40Vmax Cordless Circular Saw
Wheel Diameter165 mm (6-1/2")
Max Output1,300 W
Hole Diameter20 mm (13/16")
Max Cutting Capacity0°: 57 mm (2-1/4")
45°: 41 mm (1-5/8")
No Load Speed (RPM)5,200
Dimensions (L x W x H)352 x 157 x 246 mm (13-7/8 x 6-3/16 x 9-11/16")
Net Weight3.2 - 4.4 kg (7.1 - 9.7 lbs.)
Work Amount (approx.)110 cuts with BL4025
Sawing with EFFICUT blade, bevel angle 0º
Melapi thickness 50 mm, width 300 mm

* Recommended batteries 2.0Ah, 2.5Ah, 4.0Ah

Standard Equipment
TCT Saw Blade (B-63018), Guide Rule, Dust Nozzle, Hex Wrench

Available Option
GZ: Without Charger & Battery