Product Detail

CL003GA106/ GA103/ GA101/ GZ/ GZ04/ GZ10

40Vmax Cordless Cleaner


  • For increased cleaning efficiency, the integrated cyclone unit is positioned above the extension pipe so that it does not hit the floor or surrounding objects when cleaning narrow spaces such as the floor under racks or sofas
  • New cyclone unit
    Filter clogging is suppressed by separating fine dust particles from the air with centrifugal force in the cyclone unit
    Thus, the decrease in suction power of the cleaner is minimized
    The amount of dust that can be sucked until filter needs to be cleaned is about 6 times of dust amount suctioned without cyclone unit
  • Cyclonic system separates large dust particles from fine dust particles so that only fine dust particles are captured on the filter for reduced clogging
  • 4-mode suction power selection with mode memory function
    The mode can be controlled by operation of ON/OFF button and Suction power change button
    The cleaner can memorize a previous power mode and resume vacuuming at the same mode as last time user turned off for user convenience
    Power mode can be selected before the cleaner is turned on
    Selected power mode is indicated by 4 green LEDs
  • Redesigned Floor/ Carpet T-nozzle
    Redesigned structure reduces the resistance caused by suction, providing smooth running
    Redesigned inside air flow path reduces the noise made inside the nozzle



Model NameCL003GA106/ GA103/ GA101/ GZ/ GZ04/ GZ10
Product Name40Vmax Cordless Cleaner
CapacityCyclone Type : 250 ml
Max Air Flow1.0 m³/min
Max Sealed Suction (water column)20 kPa (2,000 mmH₂O)
Suction PowerMode 4: 100W | 3: 60W | 2: 35W | 1: 15W
(High performance filter)
Dimensions (L x W x H)1,106 x 113 x 177 mm
(43-1/2" x 4-7/16" x 7")
Net Weight1.9 - 2.5 kg (4.2 - 5.5 lbs.)
Continuous Usage Time (approx.)Mode 4: 16 min | 3: 25 min |
2: 40 min | 1: 80 min with BL4025

* Recommended batteries 2.0Ah, 2.5Ah, 4.0Ah

Standard Equipment
Floor Nozzle, Sash Nozzle, Sash Nozzle Holder, Pipe, High Performance Filter

Available Options
GA106: 1x Standard Charger, 1x 2.0Ah Battery (White)
GA103: 1x Standard Charger, 1x 2.0Ah Battery (Black)
GA101: 1x Standard Charger, 1x 2.0Ah Battery (Blue)
GZ (Blue) | GZ04 (Black) | GZ10 (White): Without Charger & Battery

*Items of standard equipment and specifications may vary by country or area. Net weight and dimensions may differ depending on the type of battery(ies) used. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Continuous Usage Time/ Work Amount: Actual performance may vary based on application.