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Model Item Sub Parts No.Parts DescriptionQty
4114S10125336-7WHEEL COVER ASS'Y1
4300BV029-1911138-5PAN HEAD SCREW M4X204
440315266340-8TAPPING SCREW 4X652
5016B402242012-9OIL SUPPLY NOZZLE1
540273911207-2PAN HEAD SCREW M5X101
6905B020D_625119-0FIELD 240V1
6922NB060C_593268-0FIELD ASS'Y 220V1
9035H14593854-7FIELD ASS'Y 240V1
9553HN18317814-3GEAR HOUSING1
9556NB037266345-8TAPPING SCREW 4X802
9563C48135109-0TOOLLESS WHEEL COVER 100 ASS'Y INC. 491
M240144644802-0HOLDER CAP2
M400016267240-5FLAT WASHER 81
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