Hole Saw (1/4″ Hex Shank)


1/4″ Hex Shank

Recommended for cutting steal plates,aluminum,wood and plasticup to 1.6mm in thickness

For Model :Impact Drivers,Driver Drills,Drills

Part No. Hole Saw dia.
A-31968 12mm
A-31974 13mm
A-31980 14mm
A-31996 15mm
A-32007 16mm
A-32116 17mm
A-32122 18mm
A-32138 19mm
A-32144 20mm
A-32150 21mm
A-32166 22mm
A-32172 23mm
A-32188 24mm
A-32194 25mm
A-32203 26mm
A-32219 27mm
A-32225 28mm
A-32231 29mm
A-32247 30mm
A-32253 31mm
A-32269 32mm
A-32275 33mm
A-32281 34mm
A-32297 35mm
A-32306 36mm
A-32312 37mm
A-32328 38mm
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