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Wheel Cover For Cut-off Wheel And Brush Cover For Wire Cup Brush
  Type Destination Part No.


100 mm for wire cup brush - 192454-6
100 mm for wire bevel brush - 192412-2
125mm for cut-off/diamond wheel IEC 122911-0
125mm for cut-off/diamond wheel IEC 122905-5
Dust Cover Set, Dust Collect Brush
  Model Description Part No.
PW5000C, PK5001C Dust cover set 194233-8
PW5000C, PK5001C Dust collect brush 443121-9
Dust Collecting Wheel Guard
  Model Type Part No.




For 100mm Models A 192475-8
For 100mm Models - 199295-1
For 115, 125mm Models A 192618-2
For 115, 125mm Models B (W/O Joint) 192972-4
For 115, 125mm Models B (With Joint) 192968-5
For 180mm Models B 194303-3
For 230mm Models B 194044-1
For 230mm Models C 198379-2
For 230mm Models C 198380-7
Plastic Pad 120
  Model Pad Size (mm) Part No.
Disc Sander GV5010, GV6010 120 743025-8
Hook & Loop Pad
  Model Pad Size (mm) Part No.
[IMAGE HERE] SA4540C 105 743062-2
SA5040C 115 743060-6
Rubber Pad
  Model Outer Dia. (mm) Part No.
125mm Angle Grinder 115mm 743015-1
PK5001C, PK5011C 115mm 743015-1
GV6010 147mm 743033-9
150mm Angle Grinder 125mm 743016-9
180mm Angle Grinder 170mm 743012-7
180mm Disc Sander / Polisher 170mm 743008-8
Sanding Lock Nut
  Spindle Thread Part No.
100mm Angle Grinder
M10 x 1.5 224502-4
115mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180mm, 230mm Angle Grinder
M14 x 2 (DIN) 224515-5
Dust Cover Attachment Set
  Model Part No.

GA5010, GA5020/C, GA6010, GA6020/C 194482-7
GA5011, GA5021/C, GA6011, GA6021/C,
GA7010C, GA7012C, GA9010C, GA9012C
GA7020/R/S, GA7021, GA9020/R/S, GA7030/R/S, GA7031, GA7040R/S, GA9030/R/S, GA9040R/S, SA7021, SA9031 194289-1
GA7050/R, GA9050/R,GS5000,GS6000 195059-1
Sleeve 18
  Model Part No.

For centering pads

9237C/CB, 9227C/B, PV7000C, SA7000C 262542-4
Vise Holder Set
  Model Part No.

GD0800/C, GD0801C, GD0810C, GD0811C 193141-0
Carbon Plate
  Model Part No.
9401, 9402 423029-3
9404 193201-8
Cork Rubber Plate
  Model Part No.
9401, 9402, 9403 421093-8
9404 193202-6