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Oil Supply & Grease Vessel
  Model Contents Part No.
  HM1306 Oil 100ml 181118-7
Hammers Grease 30g 181490-7
18-24mm Hammers Grease 30g 183477-5
Hammers (for bit) Grease 100ml 194683-7
Hammer Service Kit
  Model Part No.
[IMAGE HERE] HK1820 195194-5
HM0810TA 193242-4
HM0870C, HM0871C 195113-1
HM1203C, HM1205C, HM1213C, HM1214C 195114-9
HM1307C, HM1307CB, HM1317C, HM1317CB 195103-4
HM1801, HM1810 195205-6
HM1812, HM1802 197127-6
HR1830 195198-7
HR2020 193606-2
HR2810 195206-4
HR2470 195263-2
HR3200C 195199-5
HR4001C, HR4002, HR4010C, HR4011C 195195-3
HR4003C, HR4013C 196532-4
HR4030C 195207-2
HR5201C, HR5210C, HR5211C 195191-1
HR5212C, HR5202C 196865-7
HM1306 195212-9
DHR202, DHR241 195193-7
BHR261/T, BHR262/T 195189-8
DHR242 195833-7
Portable Band Saw Stand, Cover & Fluorescent light set
  Model Part No.

For accurate square cutting operations

2107F 196326-7
Cutting Wax
  Part No.

Model: DPB181, DPB180,

Shear Blade
  Model Part No.

Two per set in blister pack

JS1600, JS1602 191383-0
JS1601, DJS160, DJS161 792533-6
JS1000, DJS100, DJS101 792536-0
JS3200, JS3201 792287-5
Side Blade
  Direction Part No.

Model: JS1300, DJS130

R 792742-7
L 792743-5
Center Blade
  Model Application Part No.
DJS130, JS1300 18Ga 792744-3
JS1601, DJS160, DJS161 - 792534-4
JS1000, DJS100, DJS101 - 792537-8
Thickness Gauge
  Model Part No.

For setting shear blades at the proper gap

JS3200, JS3201 762007-1
JS1660, JS1601, DJS160, DJS161 762013-6
  Model Part No.

JN1601, DJN161, DJN160 A-83951
JN3200, JN3201 792728-1
  Model Part No.
JN1601, DJN161, DJN160 A-15051
JN3200, JN3201 792292-2
Super Flange 47 & Toolless Lock Nut
  Model Part No.

Spindle thread: M14 x 2 (DIN)
Model: 115mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180mm, 230mm Angle Grinder
(Except GA4541/C, GA5041/C)

Super flange 47 192227-7


Model: GA4540/C, GA5040/C, GA6040/C, GA4541/C, GA5041/C 180mm, 230mm Angle Grinder

Toolless lock nut 195354-9
Lock Nut Wrench, Lock Nut Release Socket
  Model Type Size (mm) Part No.

Lock nut wrench
Lock nut release socket
(Square drive : 12.7mm)

180/ 230mm Lock nut release socket 35 194305-9