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Anti Kick Back Head Set
  Model Type Part No.
[IMAGE HERE] BFL Series - 195620-4
BFL Series - 195621-2
Torque Adjust Tool
  Model Part No.
BFL200FZ 765027-4
Angle Attachment
  Model No Load Speed Part No.

For drilling in close quarters, incorners, between joists and studs.

DS4012 High: 800rpm
Low: 350rpm
Extension Bar
  Model Size L (mm) Part No.

(With pin and O ring)
For narrow places

Impact Wrench 1/2" 100 134874-8
Impact Wrench 1" 200 134870-6
Universal Joint
  Model Size L (mm) Part No.

(With pin and O ring)
For use in tight areas where the tool cannot be held in line with bolt or nut

Impact Wrench 1/2" 84 134877-2
Bit Adapter Assembly
  Model Size Part No.

(With pin and O ring)

6904VH 1/2" 134873-0
Socket Bit
  Bolt Size A (mm) L (mm) Type Part No.
M4 7 55 NZ 784402-5
M5 8 55 NZ 784403-3
M6 10 55 NZ 784405-9
M8 13 55 NZ 784408-3
M8 14 55 NZ 784409-1
Ground Rod Adapter
  Model Part No.

For Driving Ground Rods

HM0810TA, HR4030C A-47276
Drill Chuck Assembly (13mm)
  Shank Type Part No.

Chuck adapter assembly and drill chuck

SDS-MAX Keyless 122829-5
Drill Bit Remover Set
  Part No.

Use it with the impact wrench for removing SDS-MAX bit stuck on rebar in concrete

Dust Cup
  Bit Dia. (mm) Part No.

Dust collecter assembly
Protects operator from dust and debris

12 - 16 421664-1
Dust Cup Set
  Set Model Part No.

Dust Cup Set BHR202, BHR241, BHR261, BHR262, DHR263, HR1830/F, HR2230, HR2460/F, HR2470/F, HR2475, HR2800, HR2810, HR2811F 194580-7
Grip Base Set DHR165, HR1830/F 194581-5
Grip Base Set DHR202, BHR261/T, BHR262/T, DHR241, DHR263, DHR264,
HR2470/F, HR2475