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Tape Measure Series
  Size Part No.


10m B-57168
7.5m B-57174
7.5m/ 25ft B-57227
5.5m/ 18ft B-57211
3.5m B-57130
Mixing Blade
  Type Part No.

Mixing Blade 130

Mixing Blade 150

Mixing Blade 165

Stainless Steel Shaft

Mixing Blade 130 A-43670
Mixing Blade 150 A-43686
Mixing Blade 165 A-43692
Stainless Steel Shaft A-43751

Mixing Blade 220

Stainless Steel Shaft

Mixing Blade 220 A-43717
Stainless Steel Shaft A-43773
Drill Chuck Assembly
  Type Part No.

For Impact Driver

Connect Bit 6.35-48 Keyless NZ 192121-3
Connect Bit 6.35-48 NZ 192173-4
Connect Bit 6.35-48 NZ 191880-6
Adjustable Locator
  Part No.

Without Bit

Straight Head, Angle Head, Angle Wrench Head, Ratchet Head
  Name Type Part No.

Straight Head

Angle Head

Angle Wrench Head

Ratchet Head

Straight Head NZ 192440-7
Angle Head - 135183-8
Angle Wrench Head 9.5mm (3/8") 135201-2
Ratchet Head - 192439-2
Ratchet Head Adapter
  Size Type Part No.


Socket Adapter

17 x 31 (A x L) Socket 134743-3
19 x 33 (A x L) Socket 134744-1
9.5mm (3/8") Socket adapter 134745-9
12.7mm (1/2") Socket adapter 134746-7
Diamond File
  Part No.


Shoulder Strap For Carrying Case
  Part No.

Battery Protector
  Description Part No.

Designed to protect the battery cartridge from dust and dripping water in outdoor applications or harsh environments.

For Battery: BL1815N, BL1820, BL1830B, BL1840B, BL1850B, BL1860B

Model: DTD148, DTS141, DDF458, DHP458


For Battery: BL1830B, BL1840B, BL1850B 194649-7
Tool Catcher Set
  Description Part No.

Enables to hook the machine quickly on a snap hook of waist belt
 Model: DDF454, DHP454, DTD129,
DTD134, DTD136, DTD137,
DTD145, DTD146, DTD147, DTD148,
DTP140, DTS130, DTW152
Socket Adapter
  Model Square Drive Part No.
Impact Driver 1-2” A-32415
Anti Kick Back Head Assembly
  Model Type Part No.
[IMAGE HERE] BFT Series NZ 195232-3